The land of the dreams, the land of the great spirits

"I like to go to the land of the great spirits and the strange worlds. In my home, dreams are very important. We all talk about them a lot, some of my dreams with everybody else.

That's why I like to sleep, why I like to go to bed early. I meet many very curious people in my dreams. Sometimes, I happen to be a little scared... But it's only a dream, which goes away very quickly like a cloud in the sky, when there's a lot of wind. And I wake up, I'm still in great shape. I run even faster, jump even higher and I never fall asleep in school.

I love school so much..."


Shall we start?

"If you want to continue this adventure with me, you just need to register. Then, I'll be able to recognize you!



On commence ?

" Si tu veux continuer l'aventure, il faut que tu te connectes pour que je te reconnaisse ! "


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